Automated Valuations


An AVM (Automated Valuation Model) estimates the current value of a property based on any number of factors, from simple attributes such as beds and bathrooms, to unique factors such as newly built extensions, risk factors in the local area, and construction materials.

The accuracy of an AVM therefore depends on the flexibility of the model, and volume + quality of data used.

Since 2004 our AVM has been trusted to be among the most reliable and comprehensive valuation models for UK properties, incorperating extensive micro and macro analysis from both proprietary and non-proprietary data sources to produce perhaps the most accurate property perspective in the country.

  • Market beating accuracy: we consistently outperform all our competitors in mortgage lender led testing
  • Clear confidence levels: Our confidence levels are explicitly linked to forecast standard deviation - the most widely used predictor of usability of AVM results worldwide.
  • Wealth of data: Mouseprice draws upon data from masses of proprietary and non-proprietary datasets accumulated since 2004, and ever growing.
  • Tried and tested: Trusted by 2,000+ RICS surveyors.

Applications include...

  • Equity calculator for key credit and investment triggers
  • Insurance Pricing and Profile solutions
  • Automated desktop valuations for Lenders to approve risk in realtime
  • Wealth flag for single customer view and KYC

Use cases

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