Mouseprice provides high-quality market intelligence solutions, perfect for customer retention and acquisition.

Moving home is likely to be the most decisive moment in a customers lifecycle, and when it comes to winning customers, we understand that businesses need the strongest data, and faster than any competitors. That's why we provide property intel to...

  • Removal firms
  • Furniture / appliances
  • Home improvement
  • Takeaway / delivery
  • Home improvers
  • Supermarkets / Food suppliers

Allowing prospects to be identified and understood at exactly the right time in this key stage of the customer lifecycle.
Your requirement "A deeper understanding of what my customers want and when would drive more sales" Mouseprice solution Attributes, Insights and KYC
Your requirement "I need to know that I am fully protected against fraudulent activity" Mouseprice solution Risk Triage, Transaction In Progress
Your requirement "Being able to target my prospects before anyone else would be a massive boost" Mouseprice solution Transaction In Progress, Daily Movers Feed

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Our team provides bespoke services by bringing together hundreds of data points into single, concise solutions, tailored to the needs of your business

Example use case

UK Leading Tile Provider
A leading tile retailer with more than 50 superstores needed a more effective way to target their direct mail advertising. They use the Daily Movers Feed with Transaction in Progress (TIP) Flag to directly target new home owners within the catchment areas of their stores. Our new TIP Flag has given this client a noticeable competitive edge as they now have greater certainty around which home buyers complete and when.

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