Mouseprice data solutions are utilised at every stage in the mortgage life cycle.

Before a lender gets sight of a mortgage application, mortgage brokers and comparison sites will utilise our Property Attributes to direct the new business to the most suitable lenders. Likewise the surveyor acting for the lender may use Mouseprice Pro's assisted valuation and comparables reporting.

Once in receipt of a mortgage application the lender can instantly access our attributes data via API to identify risks (e.g. year built, construction type, floor area, improvement works) and price accordingly. However the biggest benefit to lenders is more effective risk management of their existing mortgage business. Our AVM will help identify concentration of risk by property type, geolocation and other attributes, and flag potentially fraudulent loans and those most at risk of loss.

Talk to us today to learn how Mouseprice data solutions can help you monitor risk in your loan books and provide early warnings of potential losses and fraud. And how we can identify new lending opportunities, and help you price loans more efficiently.
Your requirement "My current lending process would benefit from faster completions, with inaccuracies reduced" Mouseprice solution Data Prefill, Attributes, and Automated Valuation
Your requirement "I need to know that I am fully protected against fraudulent activity" Mouseprice solution Risk Triage, Transaction In Progress
Your requirement "Having real-time intel pinpointing when and who I can make offers to would win me more business" Mouseprice solution Insights & KYC, Daily Movers Feed

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Our team provides bespoke services by bringing together hundreds of data points into single, concise solutions, tailored to the needs of your business

Example use case

A market leading data, intelligence, and payments platform
The client is a leading open banking and personal finance app, with an enviable client list including 2 of the UK's top 10 mortgage lenders. They required an accurate and cost effective way to monitor the value of their customers' homes. Following rigorous bank-standard testing the Mouseprice AVM was found to be more accurate than the incumbent supplier. We now supply monthly updates via the Mouseprice AVM API showing the current market valuation for the homes of their tens of thousands of underlying consumer users.

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