24 Million Mouseprice Floorplans supplemented with an outstanding 85%+ coverage of supporting data which can't be found elsewhere - including rooms names, amenities, floors, and basements.

  • Claims segmentation - Finding Value Desk Review (automation and CX optimisation)
  • Pricing solutions - Run correlating claims with floorplan derived risk factors for Underwriting Pricing factors (retro evaluation)
  • Footprint expansion - Insights and data enabling wider non-standard risk assessment (New Business Growth)
  • Verified provenance of floor plan, facilitating accuracy for pre-fill solutions (2.0)
  • Marketing - Retention / Acquisition (event triggers and notifications)
  • Prefill - Streamline your lending process

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Our team provides bespoke services by bringing together hundreds of data points into single, concise solutions, tailored to the needs of your business