Insurtech as an industry has been advancing rapidly - and we believe accurate, recent, and fast data are among the most important aspects.

Mouseprice provides underwriting, risk management, FNOL, claims, and brokerage solutions to insurers - allowing for a better customer experience and reduced risk with instant feedback via API and prefill implementations.

Furthermore - our data is observed at the address level.
Your requirement "My current processes would benefit from faster completions with inaccuracies reduced" Mouseprice solution Attributes, Insights and KYC
Your requirement "I need to see the property layout and understand the construction prior to a visit" Mouseprice solution Risk Triage, Transaction In Progress
Your requirement "Being able to target my prospects before anyone else would be a massive boost" Mouseprice solution Transaction In Progress, Daily Movers Feed

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Our team provides bespoke services by bringing together hundreds of data points into single, concise solutions, tailored to the needs of your business

Example use case

One of the largest credit reporting agencies operating multinationally
Our Floorplans+ solution is becoming increasingly popular with insurers, but this forward-thinking client is seeing particularly striking return on investment because they have fully integrated Floorplans+ into their pricing and claims processes. On the pricing side, they use our attribute data uniquely derived from floor plans (e.g. basement, number of sinks, number of open fireplaces) to provide bespoke pricing at the individual address level. Whilst the claims team have instant access to floor plan imagery which massively improves customer experience at FNOL, reduces fraud and often negates the need for a site visit. The net result is more policies written, at fairer prices, reduced fraud and large cost savings via more efficient claim handling.

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